The United Nation’s Hibernation in its 70th Anniversary

To all oppressed across the world,

The (paralyzed) United Nations general assembly will convene in a few days September 25-27 to discuss the document titled (Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development)!!

Seventy years of oppression and obstructing the international justice using the Veto right (wrong) were not enough for those in charge of the international organization to the extent that they are coming up with a plan for 15 more years of human paralysis and laziness!!

 The document (plan) includes 17 goals and 169 targets none of which included changing the modifying the UN’s charter or cancelling the Veto right that can be practiced exclusively by the strongest and monopolized by them forever just like the dictators of the world.. Which democracy are they claiming and which justice!! What desperation causes the world leaders to rush to the General Assembly to deliver (great) speeches that will vanish like autumn leaves without leaving any trace on the ground or reality Making the general assembly just like the episodes of the political programs in the TVs of the dictators claiming to criticize the dictators, but in reality playing as a valve that releases the pressure of the oppressed people.

 Four of the strongest monopolize the right to use Veto as a reward of winning the second world war against Germany and Japan in 1945 allowing each of of them (alone) to block a resolution even if it is approved by the whole world combined. The United States alone used it 35 times to block resolutions against mobster gangs that occupied lands and expelled its people and replaced them by foreign immigrants from all over the world.. The United Nations therefore was born paralyzed and at the same time it is resistant to any potential transformation or improvement because any such a resolution will face Veto and those with the Veto right are not willing to give up that eternal privilege even though its cause no longer exists.

The 20th century generations were unable to announce the death of the United Nations failing to notice its actual death just like Solomon’s Ghosts failed to noticed his death until the animals of the earth were eating his remains making it obvious that he was dead!!

Will the digital age that illuminated the place and time distances play the role of the earth animals by bringing the death of the United Nations to the 21st century generations pushing them to build a new United Nations over its remains?!!

They won’t need a death announcement, nor will they need a funeral as much as they need to ignore the organization and start to build their humane virtual organization  that is worth their developing new age:

An adventurous youngster who believes in the idea like his fellows believed in social media and facebook  and Twitter plants the seed of the new organization like the Wiki founders planted the Wiki seed to be joined by fellow Neo Solomon virtual ghosts that grow and prosper the seed as Qur’an said (A good word is like a good tree-its root is firm, and its branches are in the sky. It yields its fruits every season by the will of its Lord.) [Ibrahim 14: 24-25]

I belong to the generation that began awareness to the existence of the United Nations and its (wrong)  Veto right and lived its 70 dry years suffering its incompetence with 10s of millions of his oppressed generation that gave farewell to the industrial age that relied on money and weapons .. Dreaming of a new human initiative and role that can be carried by one of their grand children who became aware of a new millennium and grew up with an era of knowledge that depends on the strength of ideas instead of money and weapons and was able to break the barriers of time, place and borders and was able to condense the human knowledge and shopping malls in as little as a smart phone and is about to get rid of the ever shrinking screen and replace it with holograms standing in the air next to people!!

The United Nations, its Security Council and the right of the strongest to use Veto are all part of the past that time has passed and will automatically vanish just like all the past professions or the carts that were pulled by horses. The age of dreams is over as all the dreams of the past became projects of the present waiting for those who will realize them!!

written by : Mohammad Adnan Salem

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