Ramadan and US

We are almost through with the first week of the longest days of fasting of a Ramadan cycle that reaches its climax this month and starts to shorten in the last days and will not reach this length for another 33 years.

It very well seems that it is reaching out in the new cycle to a new generation making it easier and easier for them to fast by making their fasting days shoter every year until it reaches the shortest in December of 2031 and starts increasing again year after year making them always alert trying to

As the generation that just completed a full cycle of Ramadan, ought to reflect on the outcome of the outcome of our experiment in a way to benefit the new generation just starting another full cycle.

Like any training course, some people suffered the thirst and fatigue but didn’t get any of its benefits, a “moderate” who did all the required  rituals superficially without diving into its objectives and goals and also that who is in the forefront of good. That who graduated with the highest grades with honors and got a peaceful, contempt and confident soul in its earth as well as heaven lives.

Each of us must try to find out which category she/he belongs to.

One of the first observations that contradicts the objectives of Radaman are the increasing consumption during Ramadan while it should be cut to two third logically because the meals become 2 instead of three and also because reducing the overload of the stomach allowing the mental and thought powers of the fasting people.

Another negative observation is turning Ramadan into an opportunity of invitations and celebrations completely making it hard on people to pray in the mosques which is the right and healthy gathering in the month of Ramadan.

The worst epidemic, however, manifests in watching terrible mini-series that are produced for Ramadan as the hottest season for the TV entertainment business. The season witnesses the desperate race between producers showing a full miniseries in one month, besides being overwhelming to the viewers, they don’t leave room in the viewers schedule to perform Ramadan rituals that are essential part of fasting. Even worse, the content and message of the TV entertainment made especially for Ramadan is the type of content that would be rated R or even X in developed countries for violence, sex unethical behavioral promotion and for not suiting the Children’s times because they are replayed day and night.

Should fasters have boycott such programs, the producers would have refrained from doing what they do.

On the other side of the river and at the same time, there are extremely positive deeds witnessed in Ramada:

NGOs and charity organizations working  well before Ramadan to identify needy families who deserve help and need it. Homeless to shelter,  shocked to support, nude to dress and hungry to feed.

Prayers actively searching for the most with the most emotional voice that completes the sentimental value of prayer.

How beautiful are the praying people racing happily to mosques, waliking, driving, men, women and girls dressed in their white praying gowns like pigeons of peace.

Fasters preparing the tools of the “thought Ramadan” : Books that they spend some hours of Ramadan with taking advantage of their mental sharpness during the first hours of fasting answering the Qur’an call: (Read) which was the first word of Qur’an. (The month of Ramadan is that in which the Quran was revealed) Baqara 2:185.

Let’s read Qur’an  during its own month a different type of reading. A reading that is not for simply feeling blessed by repeating the words and verses of Qur’an, but from a Qur’an with a simple explanation printed around its words explaining those words and verses that are hard to comprehend, a Reading that released our hearts from tier locks and prison. (Do they not reflect on the Quran? Or, are there locks on the hearts?) Mohammad 47:24.

Let each of us choose the level that Ramadan deserves and fulfils its goals and objectives (a guidance to humans and clear proofs of the guidance and the Criterion) Baqara 2:185

Mohammad Adnan Salem

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